Understanding Fats: Good or Bad

Did you know our brain is 60% fat! Fat is a macronutrient just like proteins and carbs that is very essential for the body. It got a bad rep in the 1980’s and 90’s when the profit greedy corporations linked fat to cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases due to a biased research study. Even the governments […]

Kathal Kebab

Kathal Kebab With a neutral taste and a meat like texture, jackfruit or kathal is the perfect substitute for mutton or chicken in kebab recipes. These kebabs makes are sumptuous and super easy to make. Prep Time20 min Cook Time30 min Total Time50 min Yield5-6 kebabs Serving Size100 g Cuisine Indian Course Appetizer Snack Suitable for Diet […]

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Curried Butternut Squash Soup This is a simple, 30-minute butternut squash soup infused with coconut milk and garam masala. A soul-warming, flavorful soup that’s perfect for fall and winter. Served with sautéed paneer. Prep Time15 min Cook Time15 min Total Time30 min Yield4-6 servings Serving Size200 g Cuisine World Course Appetizer Snack Soup Suitable for […]

Quinoa and Mixed Greens Salad

Quinoa and Mixed Greens Salad This recipe is simple, healthy, and extremely adaptable to whatever veggies you have on hand!Quinoa is high in protein, low in fat and cooks quickly – a perfect ingredient to toss in this salad. Prep Time15 min Cook Time20 min Total Time35 min Yield2 servings Serving Size200 g Cuisine World […]