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Holistic Nutritional Counseling

At “Living well with Geeta” I work with women experiencing hormonal imbalances and gut issues with an approach to identify the root cause of the specific conditions.

My recommendations include dietary and lifestyle protocols that are always tailored to your needs, while keeping in mind latest scientific research as well as the Ayurvedic principles of balancing constitutions, environment and seasons.

Ready to make the switch to a healthier happier you?

Cooking Classes and Workshops

Food that is cooked with love, guided by the knowledge of the ingredients used and served in an inspiring atmosphere becomes healing!

I offer cooking classes and nutritional workshops individually and as group sessions in both demonstration and hands-on formats. I also do educational workshops and presentations as team building events for private and corporate clients. My cooking is primarily using local plant based foods with some dairy. Specific dietary needs can be accomodated.

Teas and Spice Blends

Cook and savor the flavors with my freshly roasted and ground homemade blend of teas and spices. These are always prepared in small quantities after your order is placed to ensure you get the maximum freshness and healing benefits. Once you use these spices, I promise you will never go back to buying the commercially sold bulk produced spice blends sold in the stores!

Holistic Nutritional Counseling


One-on-One with Geeta
In-person and online consultations available

Nutrition for me is not about blindly recommending super foods and supplements to see temporary benefits. I work towards empowering you with the ability to identify what works for you in order to thrive and make it a part of your lifestyle for long lasting success. But at the same time, I will make sure these solutions are sustainable and practical. So yes, I’ll happily urge you to have that occasional glass of wine or a piece of cake when you’re celebrating with your loved ones!

The only thing I ask of you is your commitment – to yourself and your well-being.

Nutrition Counseling Package

CAD 290

Individual Counseling

CAD 200

1 Week Detailed Meal Plan

CAD 80


Coaching/Regular Support

CAD 80/Week


Follow-up Session

CAD 50


Cooking Classes


Group and Private Classes

Take the first step towards fresh, healthy eating! My goal is to inspire you to go home with the skills and knowledge to cook simple healthy wholesome meals with ease. We’ll even grind our spices fresh for the class to their maximize taste and healing benefits.

Please get in touch for any information on private lessons and workshops.

Cooking Classes

Make Your Spice Box for Indian Cuisine

CAD 85/Person

Join me on an aromatic journey into the world of spices. Learn about the various spices and how to roast, grind and store them. You will get to make your own spice box from a variety of freshly ground spice blends and whole spices. Snack and freshly made chai included. Please bring your aprons and a spice/coffee grinder if you have one. Spice box and spices will be provided.

Gluten Free Traditional Flat Breads

CAD 75/Person

Use ancient grains like millets, sorghum, rice and lentils etc. to create healthy and delicious flatbreads. This will be a hands-on class and we will also prepare some side dishes to go with the flat breads.

Healthy Vegetarian: Sprouting Seeds and Lentils

CAD 75/Person

Sprouting is an easy way to enhance the nutrition content of a food and make it come alive. This is especially beneficial if you are trying to eat more plant based foods or are looking for a nutritionally dense source of food. We will talk about ways to sprout and different seeds and lentils that can be sprouted and also how to prepare them to be able to digest them better. We will make two wholesome nourishing dishes using sprouts and fresh produce.

Lentil Special

CAD 75/Person

Learn about the different kinds of lentils used in the Indian cuisine and how to use them in different ways in our modern kitchens. We will make a spinach lentil soup, a lentil crepe filled with a sprouted lentil and root vegetable salad served with a coconut chutney and finish with a lentil based dessert.

Spring Cleanse Meal

CAD 75/Person

Spring is the official cleansing time of nature. Align yourself with the bio-rhythms of the planet and learn to eat right foods that will support the body in getting rid of the accumulated toxins while gently nourishing it. We will talk about the herbs and spices that support detoxification along with what foods to eat more at this time. We will prepare and enjoy: ginger, cilantro and lime rasam soup with freshly ground spices, warming beets and greens salad, sprouted mung beans and herb khichdi (lentil and rice stew with herbs and spices), stir-fried cabbage with spices and curry leaves to go with the khichdi, and spiced golden milk with turmeric, spices, honey and ghee.

Simply Indian!

CAD 75/Person

If you love Indian food but don’t know where to begin, this class is just for you. I will introduce you to the basic Indian spices you will need to get started. We will cook a complete Indian meal with a pakora appetizer, seasonal vegetable, a lentil (daal), spiced rice, raita (yogurt relish) and a kheer (dessert). Final menu to be decided as per season and preference.

Workshops and Presentations

The workshops and presentations are for anybody who’s looking to learn more about nutrition or for corporates looking for team building or lifestyle support for their employees. I can also build custom lessons and lunch and learn sessions combining cooking and education.

Please get in touch for pricing information.

Stress Management and Diet

Stress plays a major role in most of modern day diseases and conditions. There are some easy dietary and lifestyle habits that can be incorporated in our daily life to deal with stress. Join me to learn about different ways to deal with this challenge of our modern-day life and equip yourself with the tools to manage it better.

Menopause: Diet and Lifestyle

It is very common for women over 40 to start showing physical and emotional signs of menopause. Menopause is a normal and healthy part of a woman’s maturation process that causes a lot of anxiety and stress. It is a key point of transformation and can be supported in multiple ways with diet and lifestyle to make this transition as smooth as possible. Empower yourself with some basic understanding of what’s going on in your body and ways to support it.

Optimize Your Digestion

We have all heard the quote “You’re what you eat”. This presentation will take you a step further to prove that “We’re what we digest”. Digestion is of the most important task of the body that is responsible for our heath and wellness. Ancient traditions believe that 90% of the illnesses begin in our digestive tract. Slow and incomplete digestion leads to poor absorption of nutrients and deficiencies in the body. Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gas and bloating are all signs of a poor digestive system. We will learn about the foods and our dietary habits that support digestion and what to avoid. Some basic breathing and physical exercises will also be shared to promote a healthy digestive system.

Teas and Spice Blends


Tea Blends

Balancing tea

CAD 15/50 gms

This tea promotes overall digestion, supports weight loss and can help with mood swings. It contains five out of the six tastes required to be satisfied in Ayurveda.

Chai Tea

CAD 15/50 gms

A freshly ground blend of chai spices with a premium Darjeeling tea for that authentic Chai experience.

Chai Tea - Decaffeinated

CAD 17/50 gms

A freshly ground blend of chai spices with a premium Darjeeling tea for that authentic Chai experience.

Chai Tea Spice Blend

CAD 18/50 gms

Use this freshly ground spice blend with tea leaves or create your favorite baked goods with a chai tea flavor. I use this all the time to make a cashew chai cheesecake for my vegan friends.


Garam Masala

CAD 12/50 gms

An aromatic blend of warming spices to add richness and flavor to curries and meat dishes for that authentic Indian taste. The heat and spice preference can be adjusted based on your preference and your constitution.

Roasted Cumin Powder

CAD 10/50 gms

An earthy flavored freshly roasted and ground cumin used to season salads, chutneys and marinades.

Chaat Masala

CAD 12/50 gms

This is a tangy and spicy seasoning blend used to sprinkle over salads, fruits, chaats etc. Pakoras do not taste the same without a seasoning of this blend.

Sambhar Powder

CAD 12/50 gms

A traditional recipe for making an authentic Sambhar (lentil soup) with this freshly ground spice blend. You can request the heat level to be adjusted as per your preference.

Please note: at this time these spices are only available for in person sales in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver areas as I generally do these for my nutrition and cooking workshop clients.