Microbiome and Health

The human microbiome refers to the complex ecosystem of microorganisms that inhabit the human body. This microbiome consists of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbes that live in and on the human body. In the last two decades, the field of microbiome research has grown tremendously, shedding light on the vast diversity and complexity of […]

Functional Nutrition

What is functional nutrition? Functional nutrition is a rapidly emerging field of health care that is rooted in the principles of functional medicine. At its core, it is a collaborative, systems-based, and root-cause-focused approach to nutrition that aims to optimize health and prevent disease by identifying and addressing the underlying causes of symptoms and illness. […]

Genes and Epigenetics

The study of genetics has been an integral part of the field of health and medicine for centuries. The idea that our genetic makeup plays a significant role in determining our health and wellbeing has been deeply ingrained in our collective understanding of biology. However, recent research has shown that the role of genes in […]