Nutrition and Ayurveda

Common signs of digestive system issues: Sense of fullness after eating Multiple food allergies or intolerances Nausea after taking supplements Iron deficiency, fatigue Longitudinal striations on your nails Indigestion, diarrhea, constipation Bloating, burning or flatulence after meals Diet and lifestyle habits to support digestion: Chew your food really well. Eat at the same time in […]

Gut Promoting Foods

Probiotics: consume at least one or more foods from the probiotic list on a daily basis. Note that though beer and wine have been included, the commercially prepared and bottled are generally poor sources. Apple Cider Vinegar Aged Balsamic (2 yrs. plus) Beer (unpasteurized) Cultured/fermented vegetables Kefir, Milk Kefir, Water Khimchi Miso Saurkraut Beet Kvass […]

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Some important foods that support the bodies immune system to fight chronic inflammation: Turmeric: Excellent way to get benefit is to drink turmeric milk on a daily basis. Always incorporate it with fat and black pepper to get the maximum absorption and healing benefits. Tart Cherries: Montmorency cherries ( Help with inflammation and also support […]

Eat a Rainbow!

Try and pick fruits and vegetables from each color category given below to get diversity in your diet. This is an optimum way of getting your phytonutrients, plant sterols, antioxidants ,vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. And it makes your meals look colorful and tempting. Red Foods Red peppers Tomatoes Strawberries Raspberries Watermelon Apples […]

Understanding Fats: Good or Bad

Did you know our brain is 60% fat! Fat is a macronutrient just like proteins and carbs that is very essential for the body. It got a bad rep in the 1980’s and 90’s when the profit greedy corporations linked fat to cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases due to a biased research study. Even the governments […]